MassJam is a massive undertaking, and requires a huge number of volunteers to be successful. There will be lots of opportunities for volunteers to get involved. Each participating council has appointed a representative to the steering committee.

Steering Committee

Key volunteers from participating councils collaborate together for over two years before MassJam to organize the event. Participating councils appoint a volunteer to be a representative member on the committee and other key volunteers are recruited by the co-chairs to organize specific areas. 

  • Chris Thorp (Mayflower)
  • Jack Terrill (Spirit of Adventure)
Council Representatives
  • Tim Lanman (Cape Cod & Islands)
  • Hoss Haskell (Connecticut Rivers)
  • Aaron Langlois (Heart of New England)
  • Ken DeMars (Mayflower)
  • Kevin Kennedy (Narragansett)
  • Jerry Cross (Spirit of Adventure)
  • John Willemain (Western Massachusetts)
  • Andrew Collins – Digital Communications (Heart of New England)
  • Chris Gardner – OA Service Corps (Spirit of Adventure)
  • Peter Glass – Trading Post (Mayflower)
  • Rob DiFazio – Professional Advisor (Mayflower)
  • Dale Blue – Physical Arrangements (Mayflower)
  • Jack Colamaria – Snack Bar (Mayflower)
  • Hoss Haskell – Administration (Connecticut Rivers)
  • Ken Lee – Religious Services (Connecticut Rivers)
  • Jerry Cross – Exhibits (Spirit of Adventure)
  • Kevin Fuller – Action Centers (Heart of New England)
  • Scott Hellen – Disabilities Awareness/Tranquility Base (Spirit of Adventure)
  • Branden Morris – Theme Show (Heart of New England)
  • John Willemain – Action Centers (Western Massachusetts)
  • Blake Edwards – Medical (Western Massachusetts)
  • Jim Palmer – Communications (Spirit of Adventure)
  • Bob Snider – Safety (Spirit of Adventure)
Subcamp Operations
  • Mary Benjamin – Subcamp Chief (Western Massachusetts)
  • John Galvin – Subcamp Vice Chief (Spirit of Adventure)
  • Steve Gousie – Subcamp Chief (Spirit of Adventure)
  • Cheryl Izyk – Subcamp Advisor/T11 Program Lead (Western Massachusetts)
  • Tony Nardone – Subcamp Chief (Mayflower)
  • Lonny Mo – Subcamp Chief (Connecticut Rivers)
  • Dan Flynn – Subcamp Chief (Heart of New England)